Why Move to Turkey?

With so many amazing countries around Europe – and the whole world for that matter – it can be difficult enough to narrow down your options as to which one you move to when you decide you want to pack up and move to a new country, let alone making that final decision.

In the past, many people living in the UK would opt to move somewhere like America or Australia for a complete change of scenery, or maybe Spain for somewhere a bit more “local”, but in recent years they have been looking a bit further across the Mediterranean.

Turkey is one of the most exotic and colourful countries in the whole of Europe. With traditional buildings mixed with a modern culture, the Mediterranean Sea and much, much more, Turkey has a lot going for it. It would take an age to list them all, but here are just a few reasons to move to Turkey:

Climate. Turkey is one of the warmest countries in the continent, recording around 300 days of sunshine each year. Even in the winter, the country is significantly warmer than the UK, making it the ideal location for someone to buy a holiday home to use as and when, or move out there full time, (check out propertyturkeyforsale.com for examples of what’s on offer).

Cost of Living. Council tax in Turkey is the equivalent of around £50 in the UK – each year! This makes it a much more attractive option for people who might have retired to spend their time, without having to scramble every penny they own together to pay their taxes. It’s estimated that living in Turkey is 50%-60% cheaper than living in the UK.

History. Everywhere you look there are signs of the history of Turkey. To give one example, there is an amphitheatre in Kas that is almost 2,000 years old and is one of the highlights of the region. With old Roman ruins including buildings and walls almost everywhere you look, you’ll do well not to spot something historic!

Beaches. The coastline is littered with beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea lapping at your toes. When you head to the beach, you want to be in the sunshine, comfortable and working on the tan and in Turkey you’re spoiled for choice.

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