Three Things You Shouldn’t Miss While in Sydney

As it is well known, Sydney is the capital of Australia and one of its largest cities. It is on the east coast of Australia and this city is a gathering place of many tourists that come to visit Australia. The city itself has a very well organized urban structure and it has a metropolitan spirit to it as many people all over the world come to visit it as well as choose it as their city of residence. However, if you are in Sydney for the first time, here are three main things that you should see.

Sydney Opera House

This is probably the most recognizable landmark of Sydney. You will find this building on most of the postcards of Sydney which is no wonder as this building looks amazing during the day as well as during the night. It is located at the Bennelong Point which is at the northeastern part of the Central Sydney Business District. The building was created by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in a distinctive expressionist style. This building is surrounded by water on three sides which makes this already distinctive creation even more interesting and enjoyable to look at.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

While you are visiting the Sydney Opera House, you will be quite near another very important landmark of Sydney and that is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It connects the Central Sydney Business District and the North Shore. This bridge is in the shape of an arch that caused it to have a nickname “the Coathanger”. This bridge carries trains, bicycles, motor vehicles and pedestrians, so if you have enough time, you can cross it for the full impression. You can visit the South Pylon of this bridge every day from 10.00am to 5.00 pm and go up 200 stairs to the Pylon lookout witch gives you a magnificent view of the city

The Sydney Botanical Garden

Quite near the amazing Opera House and the exciting Harbor Bridge is the relaxing and colorful Sydney Botanical Garden. Once you have seen the city landscape from the South Pylon and explored the modern architecture of the Opera House, your best bet is to wander around the relaxing Botanical Garden that is full of amazing flora of this secluded continent. You can even stumble upon a cockatoo or a flying fox there. This garden is a great way to finish your day in Sydney as you can enjoy it for anywhere between one hour or an entire day, depending on your enthusiasm to explore Australia’s nature and wildlife.

These three important landmarks are perfect for those who want to see Sydney but they don’t have more than a day or two to do it. However, it is far from the truth to say that this is anywhere near all that Sydney has to offer. Besides these landmarks, there are some amazing beaches, Government House, Sydney Aquarium and many more. It definitely takes more time to explore this Australian capital. Find Sydney holiday deals and spend time of your life in this amazing city.

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