Most Disastrous Holidays

We all want to believe our holidays are going to consist of a couple of days relaxing in paradise, without a care in the world, but sadly that’s not always so! I’ve encountered a few horror stories that will make you think twice about going abroad this year – and we could all make these mistakes, quite easily…

Be Careful Booking

After finding a fantastic deal online for a hotel, a woman from Kent, UK flew down to Sydney, and hopped in a taxi – but the taxi driver didn’t know which hotel she was talking about. Her worries rose when she asked multiple people where the hotel was, and not one of them knew where it was. Eventually she logged online to check her details, and discovered there is also a Sydney in Canada… Beware of the good deal! If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

Watch the weather!

A member of the Destination 360 forums recounts one of their worst childhood vacation memories – after arriving for a sunny holiday in Dominica, they experienced a 14-hour rainstorm and flash flooding. It meant they had to abandon their sea-side bungalow and evacuate to shelter! Worst of all they couldn’t return for their belongings for 2 days.

Mother Nature is unpredictable, but when you’re travelling it helps to know when rainy, hurricane or tornado seasons are – it’s cheaper to travel during these periods, but in my opinion, it’s just not worth it!

Unlucky couple

Imagine how traumatising it would be to have your vacation ruined by terrorism… now imagine how bad it would be if you were holidaying in New York during 9/11, London during 7/7 and Mumbai during the Mumbai terror attacks. Sadly, that’s exactly what Mr and Mrs Caines-Lawrence were unlucky enough to do.

Don’t trust the Doctor

It’s a terrible experience to be diagnosed with cancer, and it’s even worse when you’re diagnosed on holiday. That’s what happened to 17 year old Bruce Bush; after feeling unwell for his entire vacation his parents took him to a Hawaiian doctor, who insisted Bruce was suffering with cancer, and should be treated immediately. Luckily his parents were doubtful, and decided to wait until they had a second opinion from their family doctor. When the family arrived home, Bruce felt better, and the doctor confirmed he never suffered from cancer!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should ignore unfamiliar doctors when abroad – but I advise always seeking a second opinion.

I’m innocent!

It’s bad enough when foolish people break the law when abroad and end up locked up, but if you’re innocent, it can be even worse. Edward and Gary Chrisman travelled to Mexico with the intention of snapping lots of cultural pictures on their new camera, and they then asked a woman if they could photograph her two daughters; when permission was granted, Gary took the pictures, thanked the woman and left. Somehow, this escalated terribly and the Chrismans were soon accused of trying to ‘pay young girls to pose nude for photos’! What would you do in that situation?

Well regardless of their pleas of innocence, Edward had to spend 65 days in prison, and Gary ended up serving 21 months. So make sure next time you travel abroad you avoid anything that could get lost in translation. Why not grab a new suitcase from

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