How to Plan A Romantic Travel Trip to Europe

How to plan A Romantic Travel trip to EuropeThere is no need of a special reason to enjoy a romantic trip with your partner. A romantic trip is always a good opportunity to refresh your relationship. Below, there are some tips how to plan a romantic travel to Europe with its many beautiful and beloved destinations. Set a good plan, fill your luggage with romanticism and love and go!

1. Set a budget
Surely, worrying about money will not be romantic and sexy. It is important to figure out how much money you can spend and decide your next steps according to this budget. Look for deals and offers as early is possible to get the best one. Book early and you will save money to spend it for other romantic activities.

2. Choose the ideal destination
Discuss with your partner where you would both like to go. Europe is full of romantic places, so it will not be very difficult to pick one. Suggestingly, we present some of them.

Paris in France: Doubtless is the city of love and romanticism. Romantic atmosphere, special tastes and good wine are the three key points of love ”ala fran├žais.”
Santorini in Greece: The island of Santorini was voted as the world’s best island for the year 2011 and also the ”Travel + Leisure” readers voted Santorini as the 3rd most romantic island worldwide! The volcanic landscape, the breath-taking view of the unique sunset and the natural beauty of the place can offer you a trip like from a fairy tale.

Venice in Italy: Venice is the number one and absolutely beloved destination ever. Its romantic scenery, the picturesque streets and the view from the Bridge of Rialto will excite you.

3. Prepare your personal documents
If you are an European Union resident you can travel only with your ID. On the other hand, if you are not a European resident you need to have a valid passport with you. An application for a passport can be completed after four or six weeks. If you already have one, check its expiration date. Also, all of the rent a car companies require driver to have a valid driving license. Some other companies require a special document to rent a car. Check and prepare early on your documents to avoid unpleasant surprises which can cost your happiness.

4. Book early a flight
The airfare will probably be the most expensive part of your trip so look for carefully in different sites and agencies to book the best one. For example, airlines like easyjet offer very good deals and prices not only for flights but also for accommodation and transportation. Try to easy jet contact and get the best prices. Booking early a flight can save you a lot of money.

5. Make a list and pack your luggage
Make a list with the necessary stuff. If for example you will travel during summer make sure you will bring with you swimwear, sun tan and a camera. Check the weather prediction for the days you will travel and go shopping for the things you may need. Remember, a prepared traveller is always the happiest.

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