4 Amazing Activities to Do in Zion National Park in Winter

While there really is no bad time to visit the amazing Zion National Park, wintertime might be the best time. Zion National Park is among one of the most popular and most visited in the nation, which means that summertime visits can be quite packed. There are fewer visitors in the wintertime and lower temperatures […]

Getting Your Yoga Fix While Studying Abroad in England

General Trip Preparations What an exciting adventure! After completing, submitting or collecting more official applications and documents than you thought possible, you’ve now begun a course of study in England. Your earlier assumptions that preparation for a study abroad program in another English-speaking country would be less difficult to coordinate have been eliminated. You’ve taken […]

City Breaks: Cardiff

Cardiff might not seem like the obvious choice for a weekend city break but in recent years its star has risen. Easily accessible from most of the UK, it has all the shopping, entertainment and culture that you would expect to find in a capital city. The redevelopment of Cardiff Bay and the building of […]

Experience the Holiday of A Lifetime in The Southwest

The South West of England is a fantastic holiday destination, offering something for everyone. You can explore and unwind on beautiful Cornish beaches, take in the mystery of Stonehenge, hike amongst the Devon hills or relax at a Bath spa. A place with plenty of variety The South West of England has a good mix […]

Why Ferienhäuser Umbrien is a Craze Among Global Tourists?

A visit to Italy once in a lifetime is certainly a must. However, the truth based on facts is that anyone who has been to this part of the world once is determined to come right back as soon as possible. Now, do you wonder why? Well, Italy has some of the most spectacular cities […]

Unusual Holiday Destinations: Israel

Holidays can get very…samey. You seem to travel to the same part of the world year after year, see the same sort of things – sandy beach, clear blue waters, large hotel complex with a pool and even the departure lounges look the same. This can be enough to put a lot of people off […]

How to Turn Sense into Dollars: Saving Smart for Your Study Abroad Experience in the U.S.

Studying in the U.S. is a great educational opportunity. But, like all good things, it comes at a price that reflects the quality it offers. With some of the highest college tuition rates in the world, you can count on making a pretty big investment for your overseas American education. The U.S. might be the […]

Top 6 Ecotourism Destinations

Eco-tourism can be defined as a form of responsible travel to various natural areas around the world which help in conserving the environment and also in improving the welfare of the locals. About 30 years ago, we could just dream about the concept of Eco-tourism and visiting environment friendly places. However, advancements in technology and […]

North Wales-A Perfect Holiday Destination for the Family

More and more people are now choosing to holiday in the UK. One area with many family attractions, beautiful scenery and lots of activities to choose from is North Wales. Here we explore what makes this part of the country so special. Snowdonia This is perhaps the best known part of North Wales. Visitors are […]

Enjoy New York City’s Hidden Gems

For many people, simply hearing the words “New York City” brings to mind all of the glitz and glamor of Times Square. Known as one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, New York City has much more to offer than just bright lights. While visiting the area, be sure to pay attention […]