4 Amazing Activities to Do in Zion National Park in Winter

While there really is no bad time to visit the amazing Zion National Park, wintertime might be the best time. Zion National Park is among one of the most popular and most visited in the nation, which means that summertime visits can be quite packed. There are fewer visitors in the wintertime and lower temperatures that can lead to a more relaxed visit.


There are many activities available in the park. Here are four Zion adventures that you can try during your next trip this winter.

1. Go hiking

Without a doubt, hiking is the most popular activity in Zion National Park. The park is known for its many breathtaking views and unique scenery. Among the most well known is Angel’s Landing, a 2.4-mile steep ascent with a finishing 1,500-foot view of the canyon below. It is perhaps the most popular hike in Zion National Park, definitely not for the faint of heart.  You can guide yourself through the canyon, or take a guided hiking tour with East Zion Adventures for expert knowledge and insider hiking spots.

[source: zionponderosa.com]


You can opt to take a guided tour hike of the park. East Zion Adventures, for example, is a great option for guided outdoor adventures and can help you feel more at ease tackling the huge cliff face.


The Narrows is another very popular hike. You walk through high canyon walls sometimes only separated by a few feet. Through the bottom of the canyon is a small stream. When there is heavy rain or snowmelt, the park often chooses to close the Narrows due to the danger of flash flood, but it is not frequently closed.

2. Rock climbing


[source: mountainproject.com]


Another great option is to take on the parks popular rock climbing locations like Moonlight Buttress or Prodigal Son. The sandstone cliffs are 2,000 feet high and attract climbers from all over the world to tick it off their bucket list. The advantage of climbing in the winter is avoiding high temperatures and a brutal sun — temperatures in the park often reach 100F in the summertime.

3. Horseback riding

Zion is one of the top national parks for horseback riding. The trails are picturesque and Western Style. You can ride in the main canyon or on the east rim — both options are beautiful.  It’s definitely an activity you should consider if you enjoy touring serene landscapes. Schedule your guided horseback riding adventure to secure a spot.

4. Drive back country roads

Checking out the back country roads around Zion is one of the best poorly kept secrets of the park service. While off-road vehicles are not allowed within the boundaries of Zion National Park, there are plenty of roads surrounding the park where you can frolic and play. East Zion Adventures, is a great option for guided Jeep tours around the park as well. The tours are perfect for families, couples, or solo travels and can give you a stunning view of the park while you roam around like Indiana Jones.


As you can see, there are plenty of fun options for exploring Zion National Park in the wintertime. It’s perfect to visit with fewer crowds and moderate weather. So be sure to make a visit!



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